American Eskimo Dog: Should Know Before Buying It

American Eskimo Dog: Should Know Before Buying It

American Eskimo Dog

American Eskimo Dog is more Eskie-adorable than Eskimo. Yes, you have heard it right, these are so lovable that you cannot skip cuddling with them. If you are looking for an American Eskimo Dog then here are some facts, which you should keep in mind.

Playing with a cute puppy on my free time is the best thing for me when I am free. And I know there are many, who thinks the same. Though, you love to chill with an adorable puppy, buying any random breed without knowing the important factors about the breed will affect the health of the dog raise. Befitting with that fact, here we are going to focus on some facts about American Eskimo Dog, which will help you to know your dog better. Therefore, without waiting more, let’s proceed to the article—

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Breed History:

The type of food habit, medical treatment of dogs depends on the breed significantly. Therefore, a buyer should know about breed history before buying it. American Eskimo Dog first came to America almost 200 years ago and the German Spitz is the great grand ancestor of this breed. Initially this was used as a farm dog, however, later it was seen in circus shows and as a pet as well.

Top 4 Things about American Eskimo Dog:

  1. They are adorable and easy to train. Therefore, if you want to teach your dog various skills, this breed is the best.
  2. Due to the anti-German sentiment, the dog has now become American Eskimo Dog, though it belongs to the German Spitz family.
  3. It can be lived up to 15 years if you take good care of its food and exercise. You have to buy some nutritious foods for your pet.
  4. Though it does not belong to any non-sporting group, it was recognized by American Kennel Club and United Kennel Club.
American Eskimo Dog
Source:- AKC

Appearance and Nature:

If you are planning to buy an American Eskimo Dogs then it is sure that you have seen it already. And there is no denying that you cannot avoid the fluffy body of it and the nice, pure white fur make it more adorable. When it comes to discussing its nature or personality then obedient, playful and lovable will be the best three words to conclude the discussion.

Top 5 Tips for the First Time American Eskimo Dog Buyers:

  1. You can choose any size, as, it is available in different sizes.
  2. It does not need any special training. It is already trained and tamed as well.
  3. Though it looks fluffy and warm, it prefers to stay inside rather than outdoor.
  4. When you are choosing American Eskimo Dogs, keeping attention on the diet is the prime thing, you should be concerned about.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy your favorite American Eskimo Dogs now and it is our promise that your free time will be super entertaining.

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