Australian Shepherd Dog Breeds History, Care & Training

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Australian Shepherd Dog Breeds History, Statistics, Care & Training

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The Australian shepherd dog breeds is a beautiful medium-sized breed of dog that has its origin in the United States. Despite its name, the breed was developed in the 19th century at the Western United States. The breed is said to have developed by people from the Basque country in Europe and was brought to the United States of America. As Basque people had lived in Australia for few years before moving to the USA, the breed was named as Australian shepherd. Other than the name the breed has nothing to do with Australia. This breed is quite similar in appearance to Border Collie and English shepherd dog breeds. They are very much known for their train-ability, versatility, obedience skills and eagerness to please people.

Australian shepherd Dog Breeds Vital Stats:-


Common nicknames: Aussie

Origin: United States

Dog Breed Group: Herding Dogs

Male Weight: 18–23 kg (40–50 lb)

Female Weight: 14–20 kg (30–45 lb)

Male Height: 51–58 cm (20–23 in)

Female Height: 46–53 cm (18–21 in)

Coat: Straight and may have curls

Colour: Tri-colored (black/red/blue), red merle/blue merle and Bi-colored (black/red/blue)

Litter size: 5 -10 puppies.

Lifespan: 13–15 years

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History Of Australian shepherd Dog Breeds:-

Australian shepherd dog breeds is said to have originated in 1840’s at the time of Gold Rush. These are mainly bred to her livestock as they are perfect as a working dog and are happy to do any work assigned to him. They are wonderful companions to humans if their energy and intelligence are channelled into various physical activities and dog sports. It’s really a beautiful sight to see an Aussie that round up a flock of sheep. With its precise athletic movement and using his barks, nips and sharp eyes they herd near to perfection. These dogs are very active, hardworking and versatile which doesn’t know the meaning of a couch potato. He regularly needs plenty of exercises and physical activity to burn all his energy. If he has no work to do or lack exercises he becomes destructive, bored and loud.

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Detailed Overview of Australian shepherd Dog Breeds :-


These are very good at inventing their own jobs like chasing cars, animals, herding your kids or taking your house apart. If you are the one who has less time and energy to exercise and train the Aussie every day, then he is definitely not for you. This medium sized dog is always a top contender in all levels of agility, obedience, flyball and for any herding test for that matter. They are perfectly suitable as guiding dog, police dog, and herding dog and provides effective result in search and rescue work. They are very good at doing your household chores. These dogs really stand out from other breeds in looks and are very protective of your home and family but distant with strangers. Aussies are loyal companions and have a loving personality which is liked by everyone. They keep you home alive by playing and working from sunshine to sunset.

Highlights of Australian shepherd Dog Breeds:-

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  1. Aussies need at least 30- 60 minutes of intense exercise every day. Most people prefer high energy activities like Frisbee to help burnt their energy. Also, they need daily work like agility trials, obedience dog training and competing in herding etc.
  2. Mental stimulation and physical activities are a must for an Aussie. Otherwise, they bark for long periods and get destructive which disturbs you and your surroundings.
  3. They are good at alerting his owner and family if he found anything or any person suspicious. With their surprising fierceness, they protect its family and home extremely well.
  4. They are not at all suitable for apartments and Condos. However, they don’t need wide open space and can live in cities provided they get lots of exercises and work to do every day.
  5. Like the pushiness and dominance it shows with livestock they end up carrying into the home if his owner is inexperienced or timid. Only a confident and firm owner can able to handle an Australian shepherd.
  6. Aussies like to stay close to his human pack and enjoys the company of their family. They don’t like to spend long hours in the backyard by themselves.
  7. These are fearful about strangers and may bite people out of aggression and fear. So it must be trained to get close to your family, friends, neighbours and guests and help him with his social skills.

Australian Shepherd Dog Breeds Care:-

A rule of thumb is to get an Australian Shepherd dog breeds from a professional and expert breeder you know. Ask him to show all clearances to stay away from a diseased puppy.

  1. Make sure your puppy is free from diseases like Cancer, Hip Dysplasia, Epilepsy, Elbow Dysplasia, Deafness, Osteochondrosis Dissecans (OCD), Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Cataracts, Distichiasis, Persistent Pupillary Membranes (PPM), Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA), Hypothyroidism, Drug Sensitivity, Allergies, Nasal Solar Dermatitis and Detached Retina.
  2. If you got a yard for Aussie, secure your fence as your dog may dig under or jump over it.
  3. To control its urge to herd, get him trained and make him exercise for an hour every day.
  4. They are very happy to receive rewards like praise, food, and toys from you during dog training. So make sure you compliment him on regular basis.
  5. An Aussie sheds very little hair but need regular trimming and grooming to keep it fresh and tidy. Regularly brush the teeth, clean ears and cut his nails.

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Australian Shepherd Dog Breeds Training:-


Unlike other dogs, Australian Shepherd dog breeds is very enthusiastic to get trained and learn new things. They excel at any work that was given like dog sports, dog training activities like agility, flyball, and advanced obedience training.

They are very capable and willing learners who respond positively to all reward-based training methods like clicker training. Make sure you don’t punish him or be rude to him. Get him enrolled in a dog training program who teaches basic obedience commands like sit, stand, come and go to advanced methods and commands. Always keep in mind that this breed is bred to herd, so those instincts are always there. It is very important to teach him the recall command to avoid any harm or damage to people.

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