Big Dog Breeds: Adopt the Right One for Your Family

Big Dog Breeds: Adopt the Right One for Your Family

Looking for some large dog breeds to adopt

When we think about large dog breeds. We think we have to arrange a big space and lots of food for the dog. The case is not the same, there are some dog breeds, which do not need enough space to be happy, they just do well with limited space as they are super lazy to move. On the other hand, there are some small dogs, who are energetic enough and require huge space to live freely. Therefore, if you like to have a big dog breed in your home, however, the thought of large space is preventing you from buying, then, here is the good news for you.

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You have to check the personality before selecting the breed. If you have already decided that you are going to buy a large dog breed then, you are requested to check, if the option will suit your home’s environment or not. Research about the particular dog breed before buying it. As it is important to make it feel comfortable at your home to give him/her best care. And after checking the nature of the dog, there are more things to check about the dog.

Before welcoming your favorite big dog breed in your home, make sure you know about its health, food requirement as well. To sort your list, we have found some of the popular large dog kinds for you. Here are the breeds, you can buy—

1. Great Dane:-

We will start with the most popular large dog breed, Great Dane. It is a German breed and it is also known as Deutsche Dodge, which means German Mastiff. However, before setting down its official roots from German, it became Great Dane, a crossbred of German Mastiff and Irish Wolfhounds.

Though this breed is not the heaviest dog, however, the height makes it one of the largest dog breed. The average height of a Great Dane is 28-30 inches, however, they can be taller than that.

Though Great Dane is one of the popular big dog breeds, we have some more options for you.

large dog breeds
Source:- AKC

2. Neapolitan Mastiff:-

Being originated in the southern part of Italy and mostly known as the best guard dog, this is another option, which you can have at your home. The average Mastiffs stands between 26-31 inches and weigh between 130-150 pounds.

If you are looking for a dog, which will protect your home and family then, it is the best option for you. As it is fearless, protective and energetic. The females of this breed are little smaller and weigh between 110-130 pounds. When it comes to saying something about its nature, we would like to say that it is quite and doesn’t prefer to bark much.

3. Scottish Deerhound:-

As the name says, it is originated in Scotland. And we have this Scottish Deerhound in the third position on the list of big dog breeds. This breed can tall up to 32 inches and it weighs 110 pounds. This breed was famous for deer hunting in earlier times, however, nowadays Scottish Deerhound does not hunt for deer.

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