Dogs have been part of the human society for centuries. Over the ages, the connection between dog and man have increased to incredible heights, so much, dog is considered to be man’s companion. Dogs are very cute, cuddly creatures, due to their features, very nice eyes, and fluffy fur all over their body, incredible companions and loyal mates.

         In every living being, genes are part of the biology, they are passed down from generation to generation. These genes determine the features of a being. The same is applicable in dogs, as the genes in the dog will determine whether a dog will have long hair or short hair. Other gene determining factors are height, length, ears, tails and color of eyes. The eyes of animals are generally modified to retain light; this enables them to see well than humans at night. This sometimes determines the color of their eyes, however, genes play a very important role for this feature.

         Most dogs possess brown eyes, in various sizes and shapes, however, there are particular dogs that have the gene of blue eyes passed down among their breed over the years. There are various factors, however, determine if a dog would have blue eyes, such as; the blue eye gene, extreme white spotting or a large quantity of white colour on the head of the dog, especially with a no colored eyed dog. A dog may even have just one eye in blue color, as if the white dominance on the head of the dog is to one side, the eye on that side, would be white and a brown color eye on the other side of the head where there is no white.

         Furthermore, the blue eyes of dogs can be due to the Merle gene, which is also connected to deafness in this dogs, however, not all these dogs that have blue eyes are deaf, only those with a very dominant merle gene. One way to identify dogs with this gene, they possess scattered patches of missing pigments on the iris of the eyes. These breeds of dogs with eyes of blue are very attractive to people as the eyes are catchy and very cute.

         These dogs with blue eyes are popular in various places all over the world and could even be cross breeded. Although, the gene anomalies like albinism cause the eyes to be blue, they are still loved and acquired in large quantities. This article discusses a couple of dogs with the blue eye conditions in them.


         This breed of dog is very graceful, athletic and powerful. It originates from northeastern Siberia by the chuckchi people, Asia and is well known for its endurance, they carry a gene that enables their light colored coats which allows them to have exquisite blue eyes. They are very adaptable to any conditions, they can be quite gentle and enthusiastic. They are very loved by people as they are sociable and their color of eyes is a major factor. Most of them possess almond shaped eyes and are brown in color, only those with the mutated gene possess blue colored eyes either on both eyes or just in one eye or both colors in one eye. They vary in fur/coat color though, ranging from black to very pure white.


         This British bred dog is particular known for its exceptional herding applications, they are considered the most intelligent breed of dogs. They possess merle coats, which means that their overall dilution of colors have splotches of darker colors, the higher the quantity of splotches, the higher the possibility of the dog having eyes of blue. This merle gene is very dominant among this breed and the dog carrying this gene is known as a merle, however, if both parents of a pup are merle, the pup could end up deaf or blind. Much like sickle celled human beings. Nonetheless, they are hardworking and great companions and above all, they are very beautiful to behold because of the color pigment of their eyes caused by the merle gene.


         This group of dogs are incredible shepherds. They help farmers in the ranch, using all their skills and energy and could even get injured in the process, however, they are very effective in controlling livestock. They also possess merle coats and this makes their eyes blue and makes them very treasured among dog lovers. Those without the merle coat, but still have blue eyes inherited it from their parents, the normal Australian Shepherd has almond shaped eyes and can be in brown, amber or any combinations, which makes them look very exquisite and lovable.


         This breed is very quick and intelligent and have their origins in Scotland. Those that possess the merle gene have random pigmentation on their coats and causes them to have blue eyes. Most of them, however, possess only one blue eye and the other, brown or amber.


         Dachshund are German badger eaters. They possess a unique body shape which allows them to work underground in their hunt for badgers and vermin. Also, they have big ribs, allowing them to process larger quantities of air. They possess merle patterns, like white patches on their heads and thus, blue eyes, which allows their eyes to look energetic and pleasing in appearance.


         This special breed of dogs are energetic and very loyal. They have a unique silver-gray colored coat, which earns them the nickname “gray ghost”. Some of them have grayish blue eyes and are well known for their endurance and courage. Their eyes of blue gives them a unique look that seems like their eyes are electrified.

It is note worthy that any dog can possess blue eyes regardless of its breed and coat color as some puppies can be born with blue eyes, whereas, their parents do not have them. Some dogs also, though born with blue eyes, have a change in eye color, as they grow older.

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