Unknown Interesting facts about Brittany dog breed

Unknown Interesting facts about Brittany dog breed

Brittany Dog Breed Information

Do you love cute animals? Or are you an animal lover? I guess most of my readers going through this article simply love cute and adorable animals. And if you are the one who loves dogs apart from other pets like that of a cat, rabbit, etc. then I think this article is specially drafted for you. With the help of this article today I am going to provide you with some pleasing facts and pieces of information about a very special breed of Brittany dog that is surely very charming and can become your best buddy. By the way, can you guess the name of the breed?

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If not let me help you out. Here, I am talking about Brittany spaniel dog. Have you ever heard about this genre of canine? If not keep reading this article patiently for more interesting facts and pieces of information.

How to define Brittany spaniel dog breed?

The Brittany dog is a medium-sized pooch, reproduced as a firearm hound for chasing feathered creatures. Initially, from the North-Western French area of Brittany, the breed is currently well known everywhere throughout the world, both as a pet and as a working pooch. Originally in the French language, this dog is named as l’épagneul Breton meaning of which is Brittany spaniel. But however, in the year 1982 in the United States of America Spaniel word was dropped taking or using only Brittany.

The physical feature of this breed

They vary or range from small to medium size. But more often we can notice a medium-sized one. It has got an average height of around 43 to 52 cm. It weighs approximately around 30 to 50 lbs. And when you talk about its coat then I can say that it has a smooth and furry coat. This breed generally comes in white and brown colored spots with an adorable or appealing look.

Brittany spaniel dog breed
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How to train your Brittany?

Your Brittany pup is indeed a cute an active little guy and that nature won’t change much as he grows up. So, for this reason, he requires proper training or coaching. This is a canine that requires a great deal of activity, both physical and mental. The sooner you begin preparing him the better your pup can learn to behave. Brittany’s are simply keen to learn and also wants to please their parents.

Interesting facts about Brittany dogs

i) They require proper grooming with regular bathing and brushing. You also need to maintain their nails.

ii) As show hounds, Brittany Spaniels have championship quality than some other breed, implying that they have exceeded expectations both in the show ring and in field preliminaries.

iii) These dogs are generally used for bird hunting.

iv) They simply love to dig and if you have a well-groomed garden then you better think.

Either you are looking for a tiny toed who can be your best companion, hunting partner or show dog this dogs can best fit your requirements.

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