Can dogs eat eggs?

Can dogs eat eggs?

The egg is a nourishment with many benefits but with which we must be careful not to overeat it. Same case for dogs.

The benefits of the egg are many, it is a source of protein, vitamin D and other minerals good for the health of your dog as well as doing wonders to your dog’s fur. You’ll see that you dog’s pelage will get more brilliant and, guess what? Goodbye to the dog hairs on your couch!

Raw or cooked egg?

Here there is a debate, some experts say that cooked egg is better to avoid salmonella or a deficiency of biotin (a vitamin that helps in the synthesis and degradation of fats and amino acids).

Crude egg whites contain avidin, a protein that prevents the absorption of biotin. When cooking the egg, avidin is blocked and biotin can be absorbed. However, other experts believe that dogs naturally consume eggs with shell and raw. They argue that cases of salmonella in dogs are extremely rare and that the yolk has enough biotin to cancel the effect of the raw egg whites. In addition, egg shell is an excellent source of calcium for your dog.

So yes, if you can give your dog egg, just be careful to give it to him from time to time (maximum once a week). In fact, you can bake an egg, cut it into pieces and use it as a reward the next time you teach it to do a trick or take it to the park.

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