Chinese Crested Dog | Should Know before Adopting

Chinese Crested Dog | Should Know before Adopting


Chinese Crested Dog Breed:-

Not all the dogs are adorable, however, owning a Chinese Crested Dog is something special. The cute, tiny, round shaped eyes easily catch any one’s attraction. Even if you are not a dog lover, you cannot avoid its affectionate nature. Hence, keeping its cuteness in concern, we can assure you that if you are looking for an adorable puppy, it will be best for you.

However, before buying, there are a few facts, which you should know to take care of the breed properly, let’s read about the facts—

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Chinese Crested Dog
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Overview of the Breed:

  • This bright and cute breed belongs to the playgroup, therefore, if you want to gift it to your kids, you can surely go ahead.
  • When it comes to its size, then honestly speaking it is not a big dog, rather say, it is a cutest and small breed, which grows up to 11-13 inches at the shoulder.
  • It weighs 8-13 pounds. The soft, hairy body of this breed, makes it the best to cuddle with in your free time.
  • The grey shade is the most popular option. For the silky fur coat, this breed is also known as “powder-puff”.
  • A rich diet and a healthy lifestyle can give it the chance of living with you for 13-18 years.


Diet and Nutrition:

  • As you need good food to keep your health in good condition, this breed requires the same.
  • Therefore, from now, when you will buy healthy treats for your little one, do not forget to add something healthy for this cute puppy too.
  • If you are a beginner in this matter, then, always ask the seller about the food or you can search in pet food stores and before buying check the expiry date and nutrition facts.
  • Many owners prefer to give it minimum food to avoid the risk of inflammation, however, it is wrong.
  • For proper growth, it requires a certain amount of food, which you cannot avoid.
  • Hence, if you have decided that you want to buy a Chinese Crested Dog, then, keep the fact in your mind that you cannot compromise on its diet and nutrition.
Chinese Crested Dog buy
Source:- AKC

Where to Buy This Breed:

  • If the hairy body and tiny eyes have pleased you, maybe now you are thinking, from where you can buy this adorable breed.
  • We have the solution for you. As the number of dog lovers is increasing day by day, there are various pet shops available both online or offline.
  • You can select any option according to your preference.
  • If you feel it better to buy it online then choose a reliable site at first and if you think that offline shops will be better to find the right puppy, then go and get your Chinese Crested Dog now.

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