Best Tips for Grooming Chow Chow Puppy

Best Tips for Grooming Chow Chow Puppy

Chow Chow puppy

Dear readers! Will you like to add a family member in your house? If you say yes then would you like to add a cute little furry friend? Or, how will you feel if anyone gifts a sweet poodle to you as a surprise gift? I am quite sure that you will get thrilled on seeing the little furry creature. If you are searching for a suitable one for whom you can add as your family member then I must say that you can opt for a Chow Chow puppy. Their cuteness overload will simply make you fall in love with them.

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A brief about Chow Chow dog breed

Chow Chow dog breed
Source:- AKC

Chow Chow dog breed is one of the most established types of the pooch. They come from the genre of “working canine” dog breed. And guess what they simply look like a teddy bear. While walking with them on a road anyone can mistake the pooch with a bear.  They look charming and lovable. But one thing you need to be aware of the fact is that they might not be the best cuddling buddy that you are looking for. This genre of dog most of the time does not prefer extensive cuddling so at times they might not prefer your cuddle.

They are generally peaceful and mindful. They are autonomous and can end up suspicious of outsiders. He can turn out to be detached some of the time. Chow has profoundly set eyes and a major head, which makes his character one of a kind and amazing. They demonstrate to be extremely steadfast allies forever.

Training of Chow Chow

You can well train this dog breed. They are generally well behaved if you could train them well. And remember when you think about adopting this dog breed you need to arrange for a good trainer who can train your little friend well. Remember human touch and affection is very much crucial for your Chow Chow puppy. Form the day you bring a chow in your home let your friend feel the love and affection of yours. In this case, a human touch is very crucial. And gradually with time, you can develop a strong bond with your friend and you can train them well.

Chow Chow
Source:- AKC

Tips of Grooming

Grooming is an essential aspect of this puppy. The following tips can surely help you out.

i) Do remember to give a bath daily to your friend. A daily bath can give your friend a neat and clean soft coat. You can use dog shampoos and conditioners for the little one.

ii) While combing his hairdo use a soft brush. And do not forget to comb his hair on a daily basis.

iii) Depending on the growth of nails give him a cut. You can give him a nail cut on a weekly basis. try to use a sharp nail clipper usually called ” Quick stop”.

iv) To get a healthy Chow Chow do remember to clean his ears. And for this, you can use soft cotton balls for cleaning it.

Love your puppy, take well care and trust me Chow Chow can become your best friend and a good family member.

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