Why Should You Adopt a Dog?

Why shouldn’t you adopt a dog?Is the question. Lots of benefits ia accrued to getting a dog and making it your companion

 Adoption Saves Lives

Did you know that around 670,000 dogs are put down in shelters across the United States every year? More than half a million dogs that did not get a family die every year.

When you decide on adopting a dog, it is not about you and your needs or decision but thatYou’re giving an unfortunate pooch a new chance at life and a loving family to call their own.

Adoption Costs Less

Cost can never be a deterring factor because Adopting from dog shelters is much cheaper than buying a dog from a breeder .it can often even be free. Considering that a lot of the dogs have already been micro chipped, spayed or neutered, dewormed, and vaccinated, it is obvious adoption is cheap. Another interesting is that because about 3.3 million dogs enter shelter each year there are over 750,000 purebred dogs to choose from. This implies that there a very high chance of finding the exact breed of dog you are searching for by adoption. So head out to the local shelter for your dream dog now and don’t make the mistake of thinking he is only at a pet store or with a breeder.

Adoption Is Humane

Adopting dog helps check overpopulation along with all the other aforementioned reasons. Each dog or cat that ends up in shelters undergoes a compulsory surgical sterilization to prevent them from reproducing and bringing more homeless animals into the world. Adoption reduces the number of homeless pets and if you are not sure of how many pets you want or can afford, an unwanted pregnancy or litter along the way would not show up to surprise you.

What to Expect When Adopting a Dog

Saving a dog from rescue organization or from shelter can be your aim, but you might not be a suitable candidate. It is true that there are countless pups waiting for an owner, but it’s essential for dog shelters to thoroughly check people before they give them a dog to take home. The main objective is to make sure that each dog for adoption goes to a happy, loving family that will be a good match for their personality, and not end up in the shelter again.

Although there are far too many dogs in need of adoption, dogs are not just handed out to any one that indicates interest. It is necessary that dogsare paired up to the right owners or families. This is to ensure that both pet and ownerlive a very fulfilling life. Almost all dog shelters have the same rules when it comes to the adoption process, and it looks like this:

  • Submission of  application for adoption
  • An interview with one of the shelter’s counsellors and meeting rescue dogs
  • paying a small adoption fee if you pass the interview and find a suitable dog before taking them home

Shelters try to ensure that people who adopt dogs are doing it for the right reasonsand not on a whim and that they are capable of providing care, love and a long-term home for by following this set of steps.

It is good that you know that most shelter interview questions are not exams but are rather personal and maybe intruding conversation. Total honesty is expected and required.These are all necessary precautions to ensure that a dog gets into the right hands. Here are some of the areasyou can expect the dog adoption interview to cover: your family situation, housing situation, previous experience with pets and number of pets owned at the time of adoption, work situation


A lot times people take on pets, especially a dog for very weird and wrong reasons such as moving away which is the number one, followed by strict landlords, financial issues and lack of time due to work responsibilities. There are questions that will help you determine if you are suitable to take on the responsibility of having a dog.

The questions also help you find the perfect dog to adopt based on your personality. The questions largely border around your lifestyle and your knowledge of rescue dogs. If you have to be honest with yourself to ensure that, you and your soon-to-be dog have the best experience and no regrets.

How to Choose a Rescue Dog

Choosing the right dog for your family can be hard and depends largely the dogs’ personality fitting your character. You most definitely do not choose a dog because of its’ look. Looks can be deceiving and may not match the personality of the dog. Looks do not tell you what you need to know about a dog. Choosing based on looks alone could cause serious problems.

Given the earlier statistics, it is clear that you cannotadopt all the dogs as much you would like to. Bear this in mind. However, You could offer other forms of help such volunteering, donating or spreading the word. You should also the dogs that look less likely to be adopted. They deserve at chance at a lovely family life and may not be as bad as they look.

Preparing Your Home for a Rescue Dog

Before you bring a new dog home, it is necessary to dog-proof your home. You should block all escapes routes and prepare a space for the dog. There are some basic items such as food, toys, and other supplies that have to be on ground.You also have to consider appropriate supplies based on the age of the dog and for a dog with special needs. Remember to get all the information about your adopted dog from the shelter counsellor so you can help the dog adapt to the new change. Be patient and take things slow because the dog a while to adjust and open up.

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