Dog breeds with blue eyes

Dog breeds with blue eyes

The other day one of my friends adopted a beautiful Nordic puppy with blue eyes. It is so small and adorable. But he also has a Husky with blue eyes (2 years old) that is loving and funny. Anyway, that made me think about all the dog breeds that have blue eyes because they look beautiful, don’t they? And if you want to know them too just stay and keep reading about them.


Although they can present different color eyes, those lightblue tone are the most “famous”. It is also common to find specimens with an iris of each color.

Bad news are that Siberian Husky can have eye problems, cataracts, glaucoma and even become blind a few years later.


They are known by the nickname of “ghost-eyed dogs”, as they are quite clear. In some specimens you can see that the same iris has two different colors. Those with the clear-eyed gene are usually those with a red, bicolor or tricolor mantle.


The eyes color in this breed can be brown or blue, and in certain cases, when they have mottled fur, they have heterochromia (one eye of a different color).


Dalmatians with blue eyes are in most cases deaf or more likely to suffer from this problem than those with brown eyes. This is because the iris hue corresponds to the anomaly of the Merle gene.


It is similar to Collie and, like this breed, can inherit diseases and malformations in the eyes. In this case also the eye color is related to deafness.


This is one of the dogs with blue eyes more striking because the tone changes as they grow. When they are born their eyes are clear, and after three months they become turquoise or greenish. After a year approximately they are already amber.

Finally, although it is something very rare, there are other breeds of dogs that may have blue eyes due to an anomaly in a recessive gene even if the parents do not have this characteristic. But other times, this is caused by an illness or they are predestinated to have one. Knowing this, it feels different to see a dog with blue eyes, however it will always be wonderful.

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