We all want to protect our dogs and we always want the best for them. We are specially careful when our dogs are ill and seek the necessary conditions to keep our dogs safe and sound.

I understand your worry and that’s why I bring you this article with food specially made for dogs with sensitive stomach, so that you can choose how to feed your dog when it feels bad.

Before I give you some brands whose products are made for sensitive dog stomach, I want to tell you some advices to take care of your little friend and be sure that it will be safe.

-If we feed our dogs with dry food to prevent it from being difficult to digest it, we can add to the food a cup of warm water or chicken soup and we let it imbibe. After that, our dog will be able to eat it without any problem. The dog food that we use needs to be the best quality if our dog has stomach problems.

– We must not let our dog putting its snout into the trash, it can consume something in bad state or some object that will harm its stomach.

-Yogurt will help their digestive system to be calmed, so I would advise to give it to them with regularity. At the same time, yogurt helps fortify dogs’ immune system.

-It’s necessary to afford our dogs the proteins enough so that they can be always healthy.

-We have to keep food portions under control. Excess of food will cause them gastritis.

-And finally, we must not forget to remove their parasites each two or three months, depending on the place they live.

Now let’s see what kind of food we may buy for our dog with sensitive stomach. Here are some brands with special food made for this…

  • Best dry food: Purina Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin Dry Food for Dogs.
  • Best wet food: Natural Balance Wet food for Dogs.
  • Best for adult dogs: Blue Buffalo Basics.
  • Best for puppies: Nutro Wholesome Essentials.
  • Best grain free: Iams ProActive Sensitive Grain Free.
  • Best low in fat: Royal Canin G.I. Low in Fat (dry).
  • Best supplements: Halo Holistic Whole Food Supplement.

You can find them all in Amazon.

One of my favorite (and my dogs’ favorite) brand is Eukanuba. It has a good variety of dog food and also for sensitive dog stomach. You can find the products in Amazon or in the official webpage.

No matter the brand or the product that you choose from above, do not forget to follow the given advices to keep your dogs healthy.

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