How To Teach Your Dog High Five | Dog Training

How To Teach Your Dog High Five | Dog Training

How to Teach your dog to give you a high five

Dog High Five
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Celebrating your dog for being the amazing pet he is can be as easy as a fun and fantastic high five. Anytime your dog does something really cool, or anytime he’s just a good boy, you can give him a dog high five to celebrate. Training a dog high five is not much different from training your dog to give you his paw, but instead of shaking hands you will give high-fives. Your dog will be the cool kid on the block when he knows how to give a high-five in celebration. Imagine sitting with your dog on the couch watching the big game then turning to your buddy and saying, ‘high five’ and getting that celebratory high-five from your dog when your favorite team wins. Your dog is your best friend, so teach him to celebrate all of life’s wins with you.

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Defining Tasks:-

Training high five is a pretty simple trick to do. You’re going to want to your dog to already know basic commands. Keep your sessions short and simple. To teach high five, your dog needs to know when he is celebrating something really cool. So put him in different scenarios where he can feel your excitement and celebrate with you. Teaching your dog to do a high five with anyone makes for a fun trick to show your friends and neighbors. You can teach a dog at any age to high five. It’s a pretty simple trick that will require small training sessions with little distractions and lots of repetition. Be sure to offer your dog tasty treats such as cheese or hot dogs to teach this trick. This is a trick that celebrates, so give your dog something to celebrate like an extraordinary treat.

Getting Started Dog High Five:-

To train your dog high fives with new owner, you’re going to need high-value treats. These treats will entice and encourage your dog to do well. Schedule short training sessions with your dog with few distractions around so he can focus on celebrating and practicing how to give a high five. Be patient with this one, especially if your dog understands the ‘shake’ or ‘give me your paw’ commands. They can easily be confused.

The Hidden Treat Method:-

Step 1:- Sit

Step 2:- Hide a treat

Step 3:- Command

Step 4:- Explore

Step 5:- Repeat Command

Step 6:- Stand Firm

Step 7:- Paw

Step 8:- Practice

Step 9:- Flat Hand

For example, do you want your dog high five your right hand with his right paw only? Or does it matter which paw he uses? Decide first, and then you will click and treat only the responses you want.

1.Cue “Sit.” Hold the target in your hand, low to the ground, with your palm facing your dog. Cue “Paw.”

2.When he touches his paw to the target, click and treat.

3.Repeat Steps 1–2 five times. Gradually hold the target higher and higher so that your dog has to reach to touch it.

4.Hold your hand in the same position, but without the target in it. Cue “Paw.” If he touches your hand with his paw, click and treat.

If he doesn’t, wait at least a minute, just holding your hand still, to see if he understands. If he doesn’t, put the target back in your hand for more repetitions.

When your dog is reliably touching his paw to your palm, it’s time to add the cue.

1.Cue “Sit.” Cue “High Five” once, in a friendly voice. Cue “Paw.” When your dog touches his paw to your hand, click and treat.

2.Repeat Step 1 for a total of ten repetitions.

In future training sessions, use just the High Five cue, not “Paw.”

Tips: Be sure that you are not holding your hand too high for your dog to easily reach. Also, be sure that he is sitting on secure ground so he doesn’t slip.

If he starts to slide, he may not want to raise his paw because it will put him off balance.

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