Best 8 things Dog Training Tips To Use With Your dog

Best 8 things Dog Training Tips To Use With Your dog

The Best 8 Method Dog Training Treats To Use With Your dog

The Best 8 Method Dog Training Treats To Use With Your dog

The right pet choice makes the owner always happy. Most of the owners buy pets of their choice. Some of the dog breeds are intelligent by their very nature itself and some have normal intelligence. But every pet dog and puppy needs to be trained from an early stage itself. Dog training is a very important part of pet care taking. The pet dog has to be  tuned to the living habits of the owners. They need to adjust according to the work timings of the owners and according to their neighborhood and surroundings.  A proper Dog training will help in bringing a sense of obedience and discipline to the dog.

Every bred has its own behavior style. These breeds have different roles for their owners. The house pet dog is purely a companion dog.  The middle or big size dog is a companion and also a watch guard. The farm dogs like Australian Shepherd, Border Collie are family dogs but they have work duties also like herding, livestock protection. Then there are service dog for law agencies used for sniffing and tracing purpose and therapy dogs used for social work.

What is most important is right Dog training at the right time which means at the very young age of the dog.  Even what may look so simple like – making a dog respond to its name, actually looks very difficult in daily life.  It is this timely training that will bring discipline in the dog. Equally important with timely training is the method of training. All owners may not find the time to train a dog. There are professional ways of Dog training which is done by special dog training professionals. If it is not possible to hire them always, it is preferable to go into select dog care portals and follow the methods and instructions given in such portals.  This will be done in step wise and stage wise.

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The proper steps to be followed in Dog training are as given –

  • Start training dogs in obedience:

There are some basic essentials that need to be brought for proper dog training. Select a dog collar which is comfortable for the dog and after that select the right type of dog leash. A dog should never feel tied up with a leash and instead it should feel protected with a leash with a feeling of being close to the owner. A dog training treat is can be a motivating factor for the dog while starting basic levels. Training treats are nothing but sort of snacks to motivate the dog on doing a right step.  There are ready made dog treats and it can be made at home also.

  • Selecting the training method :

Training in obedience comes through the right training method. These method or training styles may differ slightly. There is a common agreement by several experienced dog trainers that, most of the breed of dogs respond effectively to positive reinforcement. This means right praise and encouragement of loving words backed up by treats. To a certain extent, socialization of dogs is needed when it is in an extremely small stage. This means it should interact with different types of people and get used to different sound and sights. The objective is to make them a little tough.

  • Setting up properly timed training sessions:

These sessions should be done step by step in small ways. The perfect training sessions would be 10 to 15 minutes per day and maximum 2 to 3 times in a day. Puppies cannot give attention for a long time, so it always better to keep them trained for short sessions. The sessions can start with basic commands. It is better to stick with learning one action perfectly and then moving on to the next training session. To take an example, the sit action is one of the easiest for the dog to learn and then the stay action and then to lie down. The dog should also learn to come when called. Once these basic actions are learned it can move to advanced obedience tactics.

  • Include Fun tricks while teaching basic tricks:

These are those tricks, that make the dogs a little excited and curious and are also funny for both the pet and the owner. Some of the fun tricks include – Shake a paw, back up, Take a bow, wave, speak, spin, give kiss, beg, roll over, play dead. Start with shale a paw which is the easiest and finally end with play dead.

  • Teaching advanced techniques :

If it is a family dog then once basic obedience is learnt, then not much is left except to on how to behave to outsiders and  performing the basic guarding functions. If it is a service dog, especially farm shepherds or military dogs, then it is always better that professional trainers undertake the training. Since these dogs are intelligent by themselves and learn fast their training happens at a fast pace but still it is done through day to day active activities.

  • Handling dog indifference during course of training:

It is not an easy job to train a dog. They show a lot of indifference during training. Sometimes this goes to bad behaviour also whereby the dog openly starts to disobey. At this stage the owner should not get irritated or angry. The dog’s owners should never lose their temper no matter however the dog behaves. The best way to change the course of the behaviour of a pet dog when it is not obedient is to end the training session and that too on a positive mode. The main factor to success is positive reinforcement at regular intervals.

These are some of the steps that need to be followed while training a pet dog. The owner should always take the entire process of dog training as a fun filled interaction which will make the training successful.  Looking at the training session as some sort of a high school A grade examination will only make things very difficult for both.

Whenever required outside help can be taken – both of professional trainers and websites which give the required guidance tips. A happy and obedient pet means a stress buster to the owner.

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