German Shepherd Dog Breeds History, Statistics, Care & Training

German Shepherd Dog Breeds History, Statistics, Care & Training

German Shepherd Dog Breeds History, Statistics, Care & Training

German Shepherd Dog Breeds

German shepherd Dog Breeds is a medium to large sized dog breed that has its origins in Germany. The official name of the dog is “German Shepherd Dog Breeds” in English and called as Alsatian in Ireland and Britain. These are working dogs that are developed for herding sheep. But people started using it for various types of work like search and rescue, disability assistance, military and police roles etc. American Kennel Club has registered German shepherd Dog Breeds as the second most breed and United Kingdom’s The Kennel Club registered as the seventh most breed. These are one among the best dog breeds in the world.

Vital Stats of German shepherd Dog Breeds :-

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Other names: Berger Allemand, Alsatian wolf dog, Schäferhund and Deutscher Schäferhund.

Common nicknames: GSD, Alsatian, Schaferhund, Deutscher, Shepherd, DSH and Schaferhund.

Origin: Germany

Male Weight: 30–40 kg (66–88 lb)

Female Weight: 22–33 kg (49–73 lb)

Male Height: 60–65 cm (24–26 in)

Female Height: 55–60 cm (22–24 in)

Coat: Double coat

Colour: Tan with black saddlery

Lifespan: 9 to 13 years.

Detailed Overview of German shepherd Dog Breeds :-

The German shepherd dog breeds is the most popular dog breeds in the world. They are known for their intelligence and effective working capabilities. Their devotion to the master and courage in facing obstacles are unmatched. They are great learners and are amazingly versatile. They have a great history of excelling at any work they are trained to do. They are the best dog breeds used for police and military service, guide and assistance work for handicapped humans, search and rescue operation, herding, drug detection, competitive obedience and most important one faithful companion.

German Shepherd dog breeds are most recognized dog breeds in the world. The dog may embody some best and unique traits, but he is not suitable for everyone and all environments. These are high-energy dogs and need a lot of physical activity and exercises every day. Without it, they express lots of frustration and boredom through various actions like chewing and barking. Their nature is sometimes detached and suspicious. Although they do make great watch dogs but not family friendly that will make new guests at home feel welcome. However, if you put your German shepherd dog breed in various situations with people and places, he can start being friendly with new people and various circumstances in stride.

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Highlights of German Shepherd Dog Breeds:-

  • A German shepherd dog breed is an intelligent and active dog. He must always be kept busy playing, learning and working around. Physical exercises like jogging, Frisbee, and mental dog training sessions every day or week is a must.
  • These dogs are not at all friendly and obedient to strangers. They can be aloof and suspicious of the guests who visit you. So to prepare it a social and well-behaved dog, one must expose him to various places, people, and situations right from their childhood. Obedience training and canine manners are very important to be taught to get him used to other dogs and people he encounters in daily life.
  • These are an absolute no-no if you frequently go out from your home or go for long periods of time. They tend to get bored and anxious and express their worry in the most disturbing ways like chewing, barking and digging around.
  • These dogs shed a lot of hair every day. Brush your German shepherd dog breeds every day and buy a good vacuum cleaner to clean the everyday mess.
  • Dog training is very important to house train a puppy. It helps him to be calm and happy even though when separated from his owner. The training especially important for a German shepherd dog breeds as they frequently suffer from extreme anxiety and separation anxiety whenever they are left alone.
  • These dogs are great watchers. However, make sure you would not chain or tether him to guard your house. It just leads to aggression and frustration in him. They are always comfortable and happy to live indoors with the family. Make him get access to a large yard that is fenced so that he can burn off his natural energy.

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Dog care for German shepherd Dog Breeds:-

German Shepherd dog breeds are the best dog breeds that usually healthy dogs, but like any other breeds; they are also prone to few health conditions. However not every GS is likely to get any on the mentioned diseases below.


    • Only buy a puppy from a trusted breeder who can show the health clearances of both the puppy and its parents.
    • Make sure they are free from Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, Von Willebrand’s disease, Hypothyroidism, Thrombopathia by checking the reports from verified foundations and universities.
    • Never leave him alone for long periods.
    • Make him run, exercise each and every day to feed their desperate need of physical activity.
    • Check if your dog is barking out of loneliness or boredom. Get him obedience training to be silent and patient in all situations.
    • They like to chew a lot. They may damage their teeth by chewing wrong materials, may choke or swallow something that makes him sick. So get him good chewing toys so that he can play and entertain himself when you are not around or away from home.
    • Recommended daily amount for your dog is 3 to 4 cups of high-quality dog food.
    • quality of dog food Basically, food depends on the age, size, activity, metabolism, and build of your dog. You will be guided by your veterinarian to assist you for the same. The quality of dog food matters a lot in better growth and nourishment of your German shepherd.
    • Cut on his diet and increase the physical activity if he puts on more weight. If left untreated it may develop various health issues like joint pains, laziness etc.

Dog training for German shepherd dog breeds:-


Guarding comes naturally to a German shepherd. So it is important to train them to be calm and obedient. Start socializing your puppy from the start. Make him understand what is normal and what is not to not be fearful and know what is a genuine threat.

Make him meet as many people and dogs of other breeds as possible to keep away its shyness and fearful nature. Enrol your puppy in an obedience dog training classes after 6 months of its birth and get him all the basic obedience classes.

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