How long do dogs stay in heat?

How long do dogs stay in heat?

Male and female dogs can be in heat, but it’s not the same in one and the other case. You may have a lot of questions about it and today I will tell you somethings about this topic.

How long do female dogs stay in heat?

When a female dog is in heat, this can last between 15 days and 4 weeks. It is changeable depending on the race and the dog’s health.

The first day she’s in heat, she bleeds and the most fertile days are between days 10 and 17.

How long do male dogs stay in heat?

Male dogs live this period in a different way, they do not have a cycle.

Heat in males begins when they perceive the pheromones in the air and odor particles released by females that are in heat.

Female dog in heat odor will pull the dog to chase her.

Both males and females suffer changes in their attitude. These are the changes that your male dog can present:

  • Frustration and Aggression
  • Depression
  • Need to escape
  • Improper marking
  • Confusion

Wether you have a female dog or a male dog, you have to take care of them every moment, and they’re in heat you should keep them away from other dogs if you are not planning that your dog become a father or a mother, or if they’re not ready yet.

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