How much exercise does your dog need everyday?

How much exercise does your dog need everyday?

Daily exercises are as important to us as they are to our dogs. It’s fundamental to keep them healthy and strong that they make exercises everyday. This will also help them discharge the stress and anxiety they might accumulate. But how much exercise do they need everyday? And what kind of exercises are good for them? If you want to know the answers to these questions keep reading this article and I will also give you some advices to keep your dog strong and healthy.

First of all, we have to know that not all dogs need the same quantity and type of exercises, depending on their age and breed they will need to waste more or less energy.


A simple walk around is not enough for the majority of dogs, they need to run and waste all the accumulated energy. For this, a walk between 30 and 60 minutes is needed, depending on our dog’s breed and age.


Puppies are very active and they need to waste a lot of energy because they’re growing. I recommend to take two walks a day, 20 minutes each of them. Start slowly and do not take long walks since the beginning, increase slowly the time and number of steps.


Water to hydrate your dog after the exercises and puppy sweeties to reward its good behavior. You may also carry some toys and balls to throw them and let your dog chase them. In this way, your dog is making exercise and having fun, besides you are preparing it for the training.


When your dog is no longer a puppy, you can take 4 walks a day with your dog. Walks and exercises are two different things so you have to dedicate a big part of the walks to your dog’s exercises. The time and intensity depend on your dog’s breed.


Working dogs such as Labrador and Golden Retriever and hunting dogs as Beagles, require higher physical exercise than other breeds. They need to run a lot, so they must take two 1 hour walks a day in wide places (like parks). It is also good that you take them to different places so they can exercise their sense of smell too.


Small breeds as Chihuahua and Yorkshire can’t get enough only running inside the house. They also need to run free in wide places but they need less than the breeds previously mentioned. Two 30 minutes walks per day with included exercise are enough to burn their energy. Take special care of dogs with breathing problems like French bulldog because they get tired very fast and need shorter walks.

Your dogs need these walks daily, not weekly. Be aware of this when you adopt a dog because they need their time to exercise to grow strong and healthy.

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