It has been evidently established since the beginning of the domestication of dogs, that they are man’s best friends, incredibly loyal, intelligent creatures and amazing protectors. Over the years, they have been applied to many aspects of man’s life, kept as pets, used for transportation. Dogs are admittedly one of the most adorable and cutest animals on the planet, millions of people own and make use of them in their homes, law enforcement agencies, transport agencies, etc. these applications make dogs extremely important to the race and society. There is a reason why dogs are regarded to be “man’s best friend”, a dog loves its owner unconditionally and determines to protect the owner to unbelievable lengths and also, dogs are known to be immensely loyal to its owner. Thus, man sometimes prefer the company of dogs to the other human company as they, dogs, are the best friends alive. Many people all over the world have different opinions and perspectives of dogs, some, upon hearing the word, cringe in disgust, others whimper in fear, almost everyone coos in love and adoration for the creatures. Over the years, dogs have been human companions and have proven to be quite loyal even where humans have not. Dogs have various applications all over the world and they come in many shapes and sizes, various breeds, characters, levels of danger and different levels of adorable.

Dogs have been bred for as long as man has, since prehistoric times. Wolves were used as domesticated dogs and were maximized for various uses such as; guarding, herding and hunting, which were believed to be the earliest jobs man used them for. As the years advanced, dogs evolved too and within years, there were particular dog breeds that suited specific needs of man depending on the circumstances.

         However, dogs in India, or rather Indian bred dogs have not been given the proper lime light they probably deserve. Although, there has been a recent upsurge in attention and adoption of these dog breeds. They originated from India, but unfortunately, they have now been depleted in numbers. Many of these breeds are unpopular and are even rarely seen by Indians. This article focuses on these Indian breeds of dogs.


         This breed originates from the southern part of India and is known to be quite tall and possesses a noble carriage and short coat. They come in varieties of colors, such as red, black, fawn, but also have white markings on their bellies. It also possess pointy ears, it is very agile and long and has strides of grace.


         This dog is a native of Thanjavur. It is small, but is very hairy. It is so small, it weighs only 7kg and prefers to hunt vermin because of its size.


         This particular breed of dog is named after the nomadic tribe in Maharashtra and are mostly white and black. They are small, but they possess powerful thighs and long legs. They are very loyal and protective as they serve as watch dogs, with erect ears and prominent eyes.


         This dog is known to be the most ancient breed of dog in India, they possess similarities with stray dogs and is a relative of the Dingo. This breed however, is said to have been genetically modified by humans.


         A sighthound, originating from India. Belongs mostly to the royal family in Chippiparai and is mostly used to hunt deer and hare. It is a signification of royalty and dignity.


         Mostly known as Karwani by the deep plateau region residents. It however has many names across cultures and groups. It is mostly maximized for hunting and as a watch dog and is often named as Mudhol Hound by the Indian National Kennel Club. This dog has a specie with feathers, known as Pashmi.


         Popularly known as the Rampur Greyhound. It comes from the Rampur region in Northern India. It hunts big games and protects against large predators, such as lions, leopards and even tigers. It has incredible endurance and strength and can run long distances at very high speeds.


         People are more familiar with the Bull Mastiff. Here, we have the Indian Mastiff, which is also known as Bully Kutta and it shares origins from both India and Pakistan. It is however, found mostly in the Punjab regions. They are effective guard dogs, but are mostly used for dog fights, where in they die in their numbers or receive unimaginable injuries.


         This guard dog is quite devoted to the Rajapalayam region in Tamil, they were believed to be the dogs used to fight against the British Calvary in colonial battles. They possess a milky white coat with pink nose. They possess higher chances of deafness. They work together with the Indian army as guard dogs.


         This breed of dogs are very rare and are bred in Tamil Nadu. They are very related to the Chippiparai, but are thought to be progenies of the saluki. They are very fast, as they are light on their feet, which enables them to be effective hunters in the wild. They also protect their owners and can prove to be territorial, they are, however, very easy to train. They are silent when they hunt, which makes them deadly, they prefer hunting alone as they have incredible instincts. However, they are fast going into extinction because no appropriate work has been taken to resuscitate the kanni breed of dogs.

Nonetheless, a good amount of work has been done by Indians, who have dedicated their lifetime to the dedication of these Indian breeds. The popular dogs around the world have comprehensive studies and documentation about them, the Indian dogs however, are neglected and little research is done. Dogs are incredible creatures and provide companionship, protection and partnership to man, thus these breeds are to be kept from going extinct, man is known to cross-breed these dogs, however, it is important to maintain certain breeds of dogs.

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