Top 5 adorable Japanese dog breeds for your home

Top 5 adorable Japanese dog breeds for your home

Adorable Japanese Dog Breeds

Japan, the country which is famous for its advanced infrastructure, active robot technology, sushi, and sneaky ninjas is also the land of cutest dog breeds in the world. Yes, you heard it right Japan is also the land of dogs. Japanese Dog that you can surely adapt and make your family member. Do you want to gather information about some of these cutest furry little friends? I am sure their eyes and adorable looks will make you fall for them.

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You cannot resist their cute killing looks, their behavior as well as their playful lovely nature. If you are searching for some knowledge or information about them then here I am dear readers. I would surely love to impart your knowledge about these little furry friends. In this article, I would like to guide you or provide information about various breeds of a Japanese dog. Just scroll down your mouse for getting an idea on the different dogs from Japan.

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Five adorable dog breeds from Japan

Here is the list of dog breeds that will surely mesmerize you to have one for your family. Check out the list now.

i) Akita

The first thing you can notice about this dog breed is there superb cute little face. I am sure on the very sight of this dog you will stretch your hands to pet the little creature. These autonomous, gallant canines establish a remarkable connection with their huge stature. With a lavish twofold coat and a cool twisted over tail, will simply mesmerize you.

ii) Kishu

It is a well-known breed of dog originating in the land of Japan. The Kishu is slipped or came from old average-sized breeds and termed after the Kishu area. It came from the Akita Inu, the Hokkaido, and the Japanese Spitz. This breed was initially utilized for pig and deer chasing. They have a small, straight, and soft coat which is commonly white in color. This breed is intense, dexterous, and neighborly.

iii) Japanese Spitz

The third one in the list that I wish to keep is Japanese Spitz. This particular breed is fluffy, playful and joyous in nature. You can very easily pet them and make them your family member. Their looks are kind of similar to Pomeranian and American Eskimo dog.

iv) Shiba Inu

 The Shiba Inu is viewed as one of the most famous pooches in Japan—and keeps on picking up admirers in the United States as well. For their adorable, little stature and excellent shading, they are also known as “Shiba shout”. They can well mingle with your family members.


v) Tosa

This dog breed is one of the rare dog breeds of Japan. It is also termed or called as Tosa Ken and is a fighting dog breed of the country.

So, after reading this article which one will you prefer for your home? Do not forget to take care of your little friend.

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