Japanese Spitz: All About the Adorable Breed

Japanese Spitz: All About the Adorable Breed

Japanese Spitz

Finding someone who does not love dogs is next to impossible. There are many people around us, who love to adopt a dog and take care of street dogs as well. And the number of dog lovers is increasing day by day. From kids to adults, all have a special attraction towards dogs. Dog lovers have their own choice of breeds and some dog lovers prefer to choose the one, which they can take care of properly and which is suitable for their home ambiance. If you are looking for an adorable, cute breed, then, Japanese Spitz will be the best.

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However, if adopted it without knowing about its requirement, then, the puppy may not be comfortable living with you, therefore, follow this article to know how to look after your dear puppy—

Japanese Spitz
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Highlights about the Breed:

  • If you are looking for a dog breed, which requires minimum cleaning process then, it is the best option for you. Tough it is covered with a pretty, soft fur coat, showering it twice in a week will do the trick. It does not have a doggy smell, hence, you can keep it in your bed with you.
  • Though it looks similar to American Eskimo dog, Pomeranian, it has its own history, which you should know to take good care of it. And it is identified as a separate breed by various kennel clubs of the world.
  • It may look small, cute, pretty, however, its bark is opposite. As it is not much friendly with strangers, it barks loudly.
  • This raise is the best apartment dog, however, if you keep it alone for a good time, then, it may become anxious.
  • Japanese Spitz is an intelligent dog and it accepts training positively.


According to many kennel experts, there is no specific size of the breed. It differs according to each species. However, most of the Japanese Spitz dogs range between 10 to16 inches in height at the shoulder. And females of this breed are smaller than the males. They usually weight between 11 to 20 pounds.

Japanese Spitz facts
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When it comes to growing the breed properly, the food habit and nutrition comes first in the list. It will be better if you consult with a veterinarian doctor for its proper nutrition. As it grows, its diet and nutrition changes, therefore, pay attention to this factor.

Coat Colour and Grooming:

The pure white fur coat is the best characteristic of this breed. Though its appearance seems that it requires high grooming, it does not. Showering twice in a week will be enough for it. Remember, frequent bathing can reduce the moisture from the coat and you need to moisture to prevent itchiness.

Are you still thinking about adopting Japanese Spitz? What are you waiting for, visit your nearby pet shop or search online to get this adorable puppy?

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