Kishu Inu | an important dog breed of Japan

Kishu Inu | an important dog breed of Japan

Are you a dog lover? Would you prefer to have a cute little pup roaming around you within your home and around you? Probably I think no one will deny having a dog as their family member because they are indeed a cute little bundle of joy with whom you will love to stay.  So, if you are the one who loves dogs then I can surely help you out or suggest the name of a special breed of dog that is Kishu Inu.

Have you ever heard about this canine breed earlier? If you have not come across this special breed of dog then I can surely help you out. In this article, I can provide you with some special information about this Japanese dog breed.

The origin of Kishu Inu

The Kishu Inu originated in the Kii province, Honshu Island, of Japan. This special breed of Japan is not mixed breed rather say it is a pure breed. It is a type of Spitz dog engaged that loves hunting.

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Kishu Inu
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About Kishu Inu

The Kishu Inu is also known as or termed as Kishu Ken. The breed slipped from old fair measured pooches more than three thousand years back. As indicated by one Japanese legend, the Kishu is really the relative of wolves. And it is current appearance is a mix of a dog and wolf.

They are named after the district where it was reproduced in the rugged areas in Kishu, south of Osaka. They are like the Akita Inu and the Shiba anyway many accept that the Kishu originates before the two breeds. In light of their calm nature, it was utilized as a chasing hound; discreetly stalking deer and hog.

The physical appearance of the dog

The Kishu Ken is a well-ripped and tough pooch of medium size. His eyes are dim dark-colored, almond formed and alert. He has little triangular ears that stand up on the highest point of his head and are somewhat inclined forward. His eye edges, nose and lips are dark. He can have a darker nose. The Kishu Ken has a wide head that decreases to an unpolished gag, giving him a respectable and alluring appearance that you would love to adore.

Maintenance of Kishu Inu

When it comes to maintenance this particular dog breed needs special care and attention. They should be brushed routinely with a firm fiber brush and wash just when essential. On account of their thick coat, the canine may be brushed at any rate two to three times a week or if possible brush your dog on a daily basis in order to keep its coat tangle-free. They shed vigorously two times every year. When they shed the coat should be brushed day by day to take out free dead wavy hair. Their ears must be looked on a routine basis so that they wax or dirt does not accumulate in their ear. Their nails ought to be cut two weeks or when vital.

So, dear readers take care of your pet, keep them safe and enjoy staying with them.

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