Human law enforcement officer tend to be a special type of person and police dog must be equally a special type of dog. These special animal come from generations of dog specially bred to perform any complicated task that police dog are required to accomplish. on a general note, this isn’t something all dogs are able to do ,that is why few specific breeds are being trained as police dogs.

The following are most popular choices to be trained as police dogs.

Belgian Milionis

German shepherds

Dutch Shepherds


Labrador Retrievers

With the popular list out it is been noticed that there are other amazing breeds that with the right trainings can surpass any dog on that list. Police dogs are now majorly a huge part of any force that can bring their own talents in general. It has also been noticed that some police dogs can also face PTSD after their service through their experiences and this can relatively be tough. Funny but true, if you anyone with an active or retired police dog make sure to thank them for what they do.

These breeds are known for the incredible working ability .they are naturally design to cooperate with their handlers and in some the way they fight criminals. While some police dogs are single-purpose, meaning they only have one task to perform, others are dual-purpose, meaning they have been trained to perform different tasks.


Generally most popular discipline of the police dog is suspect apprehension .these specific dog are trained to bite and any dangerous criminal suspect and hold them hostage. In most situations they end up putting their lives on risk first on going against an armed suspect to protect their human partner. Most dogs used as apprehension dogs are herding breeds such as Dutch shepherds, Belgian Milionis , German shepherd dogs, just as listed above.

For a very long time, herding breeds have been bred to posse’s physical strength and intelligence needs to work with their owners to herd livestock; they also need to have qualities to restrain a dangerous person. With that said, they must be stable dogs with great ability in knowing when someone is a threat and to act solely on their handlers command.


It’s obvious that dogs have a specific amazing sense of smell, it’s recorded that dogs have 225million scent receptors in their nose and we use this very ability to our own advantage when fighting crime. During criminal activity, dogs are often taught to detect various drugs, explosives and some other crime evidence. These dogs are able to perform tasks anywhere and are mostly seen searching airports and border entries for illegal drugs and explosives.

Search and rescue

A large sum of police work is searching for lost victims, whether it’s a missing person or a kidnapped person. Dogs can also be trained t0 find living victims and any form of remains of a deceased human. They are able to cover miles of forest in search of a lost hiker or a buried person after avalanche. The ability of dogs to cover a large area in a relatively short time provides a great resource when in search of victims.

Kinds of police dogs –

There are different kinds of police dogs today and they are trained in specific areas. Some of the specific police dog roles include….

Tracking –

Police dogs that are trained in tracking use their significant sense of smell to track criminal suspects or missing persons. This type of dog are trained for years ending up been able to find even the most cunning criminal. Without police dogs, lots of suspects would escape from police.

Substance detectors-

These kinds of dogs also use their sense of smell but in a different way. Substance detectors according to its name focus on detecting specific substances. While others are specialize in recognizing bombs or explosives, some focus on discovering illegal drugs .above all these dogs also learn how to respond very carefully and safely let their officer partner know where the explosives or illegal drugs are located.

Public Enforcement –

These kinds of dogs help police officers to maintain order in a particular environment. They are likely to chase down a criminal suspect and put them on hold while the officer arrives the scene. They generally guard an area and keep suspects from escaping

Cadaver dog-

As gross as this may sound, these police dogs are trained in finding dead body just as its names implies, seeing that its an important function in  a police department and this dog is trained to do it perfectly well.

People ask, can my poodle be a great dog?

From research, your poodle may be a great dog, but it possibly would not be a best fit for a police dog. Police dogs are very special dog and they are trained in a very special way. There are different breeds of dog that undergoes training for this role, the work a breed of dog will do depends on the breed of the dog. Some of the most popular breeds are already mentioned above, although beagles is a good breed for drug detection, bloodhounds is a good breed for tracking. Regardless of the breed or the task, police dogs are usually trained from puppies to mater their jobs.


In conclusion, police dogs are usually treated as heroes. after retiring most times they go onto live with their partners. Seeing that they have spent years with this person and they already think of them as family. This tends to work well for both the officer and the dog.

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