Drolling Facts about Spanish water dog [2019]

Drolling Facts about Spanish water dog [2019]

Spanish water dog Drolling Facts

Are you a proud parent of a Spanish water dog? Or, do you want to adopt one for your home? Whatever, is the reason do you have knowledge about this genre of dogs? Can you tell me about their nature and place of origin? If you do not have much knowledge then there is nothing to worry about as I can help you out to gather interesting facts or pieces of information about this very special and adorable dog breed.

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Nature of Spanish water dog

Spanish water dog
Source:- AKC

When it comes to talk or discuss their nature then I must say that they are extremely cute and adorable in nature. The Spanish Water Dog is a mid-sized pooch breed that witnessed its inception fromĀ  Andalusia in Spain. This breed has a long and fascinating history and is presently turning into an undeniably prevalent partner hound in view of its awesome character qualities. In spite of its expanding prominence, there are presumably numerous things that you don’t think about this breed. Here are ten fascinating as well drolling actualities about this special dog breed. Let’s take a look.

Facts about Spanish water dog:-

i) Excellent swimming capacity

  • You know they have got a special talent rather say very special talent. They are excellent inborn swimmers. They simply love to swim.
  • Unlike its counterparts, they can dive to an astonishing height of the water and can swim very easily.

ii) Good grooming is needed

  • This dog breed requires high care. You need to give them a daily bath, brush them, cut their nails as well as keep an eye on their health on a frequent basis. So if you have one do not neglect them at all.


iii) Balance diet required

  • Try to give them a proper and balanced diet in order to keep them healthy.

iv) They came from a hunting dog background

  • The first motivation behind Spanish Water Dogs was as chasing hounds. They were perfect for this job as they have a brilliant feeling of smell.
  • Despite the fact that there are still a few canines of this breed which are serving different jobs, at present most of them are kept as companion dogs.

v) It has got various other synonymous names

  • This breed is most normally known as the Spanish Water Dog, which is now and then condensed to SWD. Be that as it may, it is likewise known by numerous different names.
  • It has got names such as Churro, Perro Turco, Pewrro Rizado, Barbeta, and Laneto.

vi) Enjoy color variations

  • You can enjoy a variety of colors like brown, black, beige, white, etc.


So, readers after going through this article what do you feel about this special breed of dogs? As per my suggestion, this breed can become your perfect partner as well as a family member.

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