The Dog Whisper

The Dog Whisper

A dog whisperer is a person who can communicate with dogs and has the capacity to understand dogs effortlessly, he is otherwise known as a dog trainer. In reality, there is nothing mysterious about having an effective dog training and behavioral modification. The best dog trainer we have now do have a gift for the business though they also rely on science-based practices carried out over hundred years of research on animal learning and behavior

As a dog whisperer or intending the first person that comes in mind is Ceser Milan he was first named following his show dog whisper with Cesar Milan. He deals generally on dog behaviors, discusses rehabilitation on dogs with behavioral problems with their owners.

According to caser, with each new episodes , he starts with telling viewers not to try not to attempt any of his technique without consulting a professional and goes ahead to warn viewers with the don’t try this at home.

For people who want to train their dogs personally and fast, I will advise you check imodstyle dog training secrets; people have gotten great results with it. On getting ready to keep a dog or raise a puppy, proper training and socialization are your dog top basic needs. Dog training can be pretty overwhelming, especially when its your first dog. Truthfully taking up a dog and training it accordingly is a very huge project but if ideal steps are taken and you are generally a lover of dogs,  you will find the task less stressful and more interesting and comforting.

Some time earlier this year, I went visiting a friend who has become a recognized dog breeder in town, we talked about different breeds, he went on telling how working with dog trainers has helped him understand his dogs better. Dog trainers help to bridge communication gap between dog owners/breeders and their dogs.

According to ceser millar, there are a couple of dog training tips for every dog owner who is looking to do personal training. Here we go with the list of tips.

Exercise –

Under-exercise dog is likely to easily develop behavioral problems in addition to health issues. Just like most humans, A lonely, frustrated and bored dog will likely develop various bad habits trying to entertain himself. Which leads to behavioral problems and any dog with behavioral problems is less responsive to any sort of trainings. Its been advised to do proper research and address original cause before trying to fix it.

Walk your dog like you own it-

Funnily enough, some dog owners totally ignore the importance of walking their dog, in this tip, ceser millan highlights why it’s vital to walk your pooch with supremacy.

Some important key notes are, try to always keep your dog beside you and not in front of you, have   your dog stop whenever you stop without any form of commands. It will surprise you that this simple principle helps professional dog walkers to help sustain their business when they have to walk more thst two dogs at a time.

Always have a plan-

Dogs crave order.

A continuous and consistent daily walk and routine gives your dog peace of mind and opportunity to know what to expect at each time of any day. From the time you leave for work to when you are expected back .he will know to hold his bladder till you get back, because you already thought him the routine.

Canines are creatures that work with habits and once there is an unpredictable change in routine it causes stress and anxiety in dogs. When you leave them alone for too long, they wouldn’t know when to expect you, this tends to make your dog howl out of fear  or bark uncontrolled out of frustration.

Learn to train yourself too-

The reason recognized dog trainers are accepted by dogs is because of the knowledge of  dog behavior these trainers have. In order project an aura of confidence to your dog, you must first have confidence in yourself.

Your commands must be straight to the point , there should be confidence in your voice and actions showing you are in charge and know what you are doing. It will help you most if  you start educating yourself before you start practicing. Before starting a training session with your dog ,have a list of what you intend to accomplish. Anticipate possible issues , so when they arise you can deal with them without losing your control.

Maintain your cool-

Talking of control, try your best to maintain it.

Most pf the time, your dog training process can be slow, slower that you had expected or planned, this can easily lead to frustration which can cause you to easily loss your control or cool. When your dog feels you are beginning to loss control, he picks on it and sees it as an opportunity to challenge your authority. This ends up fueling your frustration which compounds the situation. Training automatically begins to deteriorates and the whole plan coming to a halt.

To prevent this kind of breakdown in training your dog , it has been recommended that you set realistic goals ads try to adjust them from time to time as you get going. Patience is obviously the key to successful dog training.

Don’t humanize dogs.

If you start treating your dog like a human, your dog will learn to behave like a human. In other words, if your dog sees you as equal, he will constantly be in competition with you for dominance. Worst case, your dog may tend to be dominance over people he doesn’t know which leads to a dangerous behavior. As comforting as it feels, humanizing your dog ends up making life harder for both of you.

Though its advised not to completely alienate your dog .outside training , there is no reason not to care for your dog especially its health.  One important tip for a dog trainer is that the dog who knows and accepts his role as a domesticated canine will gladly that dynamic .this leads to a trainable dog and a very happy life for both of you.

Begin today!

I have always been told, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but today I can confidentially tell you that its never too late to teach an old dog new tricks.

Dogs are widely known intelligent creatures, regardless training take time, so get started. The sooner you start, the sooner you begin to see results.

In the end, training a dog isn’t necessarily about where to pee or how to walk on a leash . it’s about teaching your dog to trust your authority and obey your command and that what a dog whisperer is trained for.

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