Top 9 dog breeds in India

Top 9 dog breeds in India

India is a diverse country and there is always something new and interesting to discover about it. In India there are unique dog breeds, some of them have the name of the city or region where they are more characteristic. Now, let’s see these Indian dog breeds.


You would never believe that this kind and loving dog was originally raised to hunt lions, tigers and panthers! Today, this imposing but not aggressive dog is popular for its ability to act as a guard dog and its ability to keep any intruder away.


Also known as Mudhol Hound, this cute dog looks like an Afghan hound and was originally bred for guard. Today, this very large dog is still discouraging for strangers, but a pudding for those it loves.


This native of India is a sturdy dog that is very heat tolerant and often the conditions are hard. In general, it is found wandering the streets, so it is needing a loving home. It is a pet as affectionate and loyal as you could wish.


This dramatic-looking sighthound with the thin white coat is native of South India and rises up to 30 inches to the shoulder. Although he was raised to hunt during the day, today it is a loyal and loving dog.


Small in size, it is a great guard dog that greets all those who approach.


This agile dog with the fine silver-gray pelage is amazing when it comes to running and catching a small game. At home, this beautiful dog is a great family pet that loves to hang out with human company but is not always a fan of strangers.


This dog with a super long tail and a fast double-suspension gallop is actually a loyal and family lover dog ​​with a shy side. Although it was raised for hunting, it is dedicated to its family and is a good pet.


While it was originally raised in the mountainous regions of northern India for hunting, today it is often used to care of sheep and is known as a fighter of formidable enemies such as snow leopards.


Also known as the Indian Bear Cub, this dog comes from southern India and was originally bred for hunting. It is considered a truly intelligent pet.


Raised in several centuries ago specifically to protect goats and sheep from wolves, this large furry dog ​​is also known as the Bakharwal mastiff. This furry dog is considered affectionate, loyal and friendly.

Did you know these dog breeds? Which did you like the most? All of them are special and unique just as the place they come from.

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