Dogs. Many people all over the world have different opinions and perspectives of dogs, some, upon hearing the word, cringe in disgust, others whimper in fear, almost everyone coo in love and adoration for the creatures. Over the years, dogs have been human companions and have proven to be quite loyal even where humans have not. Dogs have various applications all over the world and they come in many shapes and sizes, various breeds, characters, levels of danger and different levels of adorable. Dogs are admittedly one of the most adorable and cutest animals on the planet, millions of people own and make use of them in their homes, police departments and law enforcement agencies, transport agencies, etc. these applications make dogs extremely important to the race and society. There is a reason why dogs are regarded to be “man’s best friend”, a dog loves its owner unconditionally and determines to protect the owner to unbelievable lengths and also, dogs are known to be immensely loyal to their owners. Thus, man sometimes prefer the company of dogs to the other human company as they, dogs, are the best friends alive.

Dogs have been bred for as long as man, since prehistoric times. Wolves were used as domesticated dogs and were maximized for various uses such as; guarding, herding and hunting, which were believed to be the earliest jobs man used them for. As the years advanced, dogs evolved too and within years, there were particular dog breeds that suited specific needs of man depending on the circumstances.

However, many people confuse the difference between a breed and a type of dog. To make it easier to understand; a breed is known by its off springs. If that breed of dog gives birth to puppies and the puppies have the same characteristics, recognizable features as the parents, it is a breed and is known to be said that the dog “breeds true”. For example, breeding a Rottweiler to another Rottweiler will always produce off springs recognizable immediately as Rottweilers. Because each particular breeds have physical traits with which they are identified and familiarized, such as; temperament, movement, physical appearance; these traits are known as “breed standard”.

There have been recorded over 340 breeds of dogs all over the world. However, only 8, containing the popular breeds and a couple of unpopular ones, is discussed here;


         This particular dog can grow to be quite muscular and stocky, this does not, however, hinder its agility and chasing ability. It is known to be used quite well on farm land in chasing down stray cattle and they have the capability to jump as high as six feet and more into the air. American Bulldogs are very intelligent and friendly, thus, making them very good family dogs as they serve as protectors and playful mates. They require an experienced owner though. They vary in species, there are the Bully/Classic specie, as well as the Performance specie and there are hybrids of the two species.


         This breed is recommended for families with older children, as they are quite high maintenance. They can live up to 9 years and many even live up to 13 years, however, they are very affordable to insure and have an average probability of having health issues in their lifetime. The dog gets its name from Afrikaan origins “Boerboel” which means “farmer’s dog”. This breed works hard and is well known for its ability to adapt to changing conditions, even in the most unpleasant conditions. They are great trackers as they have incredible prey instinct. This breed however, needs to be trained from early age as they can sometimes prove stubborn, they are large and first time owners could find them challenging. They have great strength as they are known to be able to battle leopards and even lions to death.


         The Chihuahua is very common all over the world. It has its origins in Chihuahua, Mexico, from which it got its name, they come in varieties and are unique in each variety. They are the smallest breeds of dog as they are tiny in size and have large dark eyes, as well as large erect ears and curled tail. The Chihuahuas have so many varieties that in acquiring two Chihuahuas, they are never the same. Despite their small statures, the Chihuahua is known to have plenty of energy and they require constant exercise in order to be satisfied and function effectively, behaviorally. However, because they possess such big eyes, they are prone to corneal dryness and other eye problems. They are known to have the largest brain of any dog breed.


         The Doberman is quite popular for its alertness, intelligence and loyalty. At a time, they were commonly used as police dogs and were portrayed as very aggressive throughout history. The common modern Dobermans are much more even temperament and are smarter and very trainable. They usually have a compact build and short coat, which portrays their agility and endurance, they are mostly in black, red, blue and fawn, they can come in one of these colors or a mixture. They can live for only about 20-13 years, they thrive on human leadership and are fiercely loyal. It is a fact worth knowing that a healthy Doberman can run up to 44 kilometers per hour.


         This German originated dog is large, loves to work and is mostly bred in Australia. They can strike the fear of God into a man with their pointy ears, giving them a wolf-like appearance. They are very intelligent and are known to be one of the smartest breeds on the planet, they are easy to train and are very adaptable, they have incredible high employability in the military and police force. Their life span is 10-14 years, however, some have been known to reach the age of 20. It is highly protective of its owner and can get very territorial if not socialized from a young age.


         This dog, well known as “giant”, is one of the largest dog known to man; their size, however, does not necessarily determine their temperament. They are quite gentle and friendly. They do not live very long, as most live only up to 10 years and can grow up to 86 cm tall and weigh between 54 to 91 kg. they do not require serious exercises, they however, enjoy large yard run and play ins. They are also considered to be one of the oldest breeds of dogs, as their history goes far back to the ancient Greek frescoes.


         This particular breed has a lot of mysticism surrounding it. Due to its Egyptian origin and its pointy ears, it looks like the statues of Anubis. This dog is quiet and calm when indoors, very sensitive and cautious with strangers. They are chasers and would run after almost anything if not tethered or confined. An ancient Egyptian inscription was found about the Pharaoh Hound;

The red, long-tailed dog goes at night into the stalls of the hills. He makes no delay in hunting, his face glows like a God and delights to do his work”.

One of the most interesting attribute of the breed is its blush when it is excited.


         The Shih Tzu’s breed group is known as “Toy” as it is the ideal companion in the canine family. It originates from China and is mostly bred among the Chinese royalty. The dog recognizes its royal origins and considers itself a prince among other dogs; it is playful and very lovable. They do not hunt, or guard, they are simply companions to their owners, dishing out love and are known to be very trusting. They are intelligent and they learn fast and should be walked daily.

Dogs are incredible creatures and provide companionship, protection and partnership to man, thus these breeds are to be kept from going extinct, man is known to cross-breed these dogs, however, it is important to maintain certain breeds of dogs.

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