There are many dog food brands and we are always looking for the best to our furry friends. But somehow we fall into a sea of doubts to choose the perfect food to our dogs. We may not know which brand is better or if our dogs will like that food.

So in this article I will tell you about some brands that I think they’re the best and why. Always remember that the food you will give your dogs has to be according to its breed and age. You also have to consider that it contains the necessary nutrients your dog needs.

Let’s take a look!


Acana and Orijen are two brands from the same enterprise. Ingredients of these brands are chosen carefully, they all are suitable to human consumption.

Fruits and vegetables are delivered fresh or sun-dried in the factory. They use meats and eggs from farms without cages or ranches where they breed in freedom, without antibiotics or hormones. The fish come from sustainable fishing and are delivered fresh to the factory. Chicken, turkey and duck meat, as well as eggs, come from farms without cages in Alberta and British Columbia.

The processing is carried out by cooking at low temperature without the addition of water. Orijen completely eliminates cereals and includes viscera, marrow and lyophilized cartilages. Both of them cover your dog’s needs.


This american enterprise makes the food without cereals, with meats and complete fish (without by-products) and under strict quality controls. The brand uses meat and fish free of hormones and antibiotics; it contains a high percentage of proteins. In addition, they include roasted meats that enhance the flavor and stimulate the dog’s appetite. You have very interesting prices on of the brand Taste of the Wild and the possibility of free shipping.


This spanish brand makes hypoallergenic feed, no meat flours, gluten or cereals. Its products contain a high percentage of meat protein, accompanied by legumes and vitamins. It uses fresh ingredients of first quality and controls the traceability of its ingredients.

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It uses whole grains (brown rice, barley and oats) and it does not contain dyes or preservatives, artificial flavors, saturated fats or sugars. Its philosophy is to approach the food that the dog would instinctively have if it lived in nature. In addition to whole grains, it contains high quality meat from chicken, lamb or fresh salmon, fruit (apple and red fruits) and vegetables (broccoli, carrots and peas).

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This brand looks for a balanced diet and it uses high quality animal protein. Their testing processes are adapted to food standards for humans. This brand has become famous for having one of the most complete feed for puppies.

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Among the best of the mid-range, Advance is a quality feed whose main source of protein is lamb (15%). Another 15% is rice. It belongs to the old Purina brand.

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This leading brand in the sector has been working with high quality feed for many years and has a very wide range of products, including feed adapted to each breed. They have a team of veterinarians and nutritionists who provide a well-balanced food for our friends.

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  • NAKU

This brand offers us an alternative to the feed with dehydrated natural food. You just have to add warm water and wait for it to hydrate. It has a wide range of flavors, including chicken, pork and fish. Your dog will love it. The brand mixes meat, fruits, vegetables and high quality cereals, fresh and suitable for human consumption. What they do is to chop the ingredients, dehydrate them and mix them.

If you need special food because you dog’s situation is delicate, you can also consult this brands for special products such as food for sterilized dogs and diabetic dogs.

I hope this has been helpful and that the brand you choose is the right for you dog.

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