Dogs are one of the most loved creatures, mainly because they are cute and cuddly and they reciprocate the love shown by their owners. Dogs that live in the homes as pets protect the home as it is their territories and dogs have been proven to be quite territorial. Nonetheless, as adorable as dogs can be, they can be equally dangerous and more, causing fatal injuries to intruders and even their owners. Herein, training comes in. training your dog is one of the most effective ways having the most home-suitable pets, as the dogs can serve as protectors, workers, law enforcers, show dogs, etc.

         Most people will agree that there are many methods for training dogs, and that is not a bad thing as training is a very critical aspect of a dog’s life and is crucial to their overall development because it will make them much better rounded. However, training a dog is no easy feat, it is not rocket science, but is not easy either as dog training can seem overwhelming, especially if it is one’s first dog, but, with careful step by step process, the task will be far less daunting. One of the major ways to achieve this is with training collars.

         These training collars have a non lethal (very mild) electric shock or vibrations embedded in them to promote obedience among dogs and curb aggressive behaviour. However, these products can be quite expensive, but they are totally worth it, especially with first time dog owners and is quite handy with experienced dog owners who want to push the limits of obedience. This collars enables good communication between your dog and you and gives you easier control over your dog’s actions, as the mild shock can prevent the dog from running into traffic or attacking a stranger he is not supposed to attack.

         However, a collar can seriously hurt your dog if not used properly, here the best training collars are discussed to aid your purchase process and your dog training process, depending on your preference as a dog trainer. There are various specifications, based on the training needs of the dog, for example, if the dog is needed to be trained from long distances, even so long beyond visual capabilities, a remote controlled training collar is advisable. Also, if you prefer walking your dog at night, here are collars fitted with torches which allows you to see your dog and have its attention at the same time. Or if your dog loves to swim, most collars are water proof, however, it is very advisable to select a collar that can survive water depth.


         This collar can control dogs from a long distance of 1200 feet even when the dog is not within earshot. This is preferable for dogs used for hunting, and it is water proof, allowing it not to be damaged by rain or a splash from the pond, it however, cannot survive a dip in the pool. It has a changeable vibration controller from 0-100, which gives you the power to control the level of shock your dog receives, and a light function, which allows the dog and its owner to see at night. It also has a battery that lasts for a long period of time. Nonetheless, this collar could change channels if put in the pocket which could be problematic for the dog.


         This particular training collar only has a range of 330 yards. It however possesses a 0-100 level customization for vibrations and static stimulation. It is water proof, but cannot be submerged and has 2-3 days of battery life depending on the use by the owner. This collar is applicable to all sizes of dogs and even has an option of controlling two dogs.


         The immediate noticeable feature about this collar is its ability to control up to nine dogs at the same time! With the push of a button, nine dogs can be submissive to you as a trainer simultaneously. It has an incredible range of 1000 feet; however, it is not suitable for hunting dogs that can travel farther than a thousand feet. It also possesses a controllable shock meter of 0-99 and keeps the dogs safe in an emergency. It is 100% water proof and can survive a dip in a pool, it also equipped with a security keypad that prevents from accidental firing. Nonetheless, there may be delays in the collar receiving signals.


         This expensive, discreet collar is unique as it has a staggering range of ½ a mile. This enables you control even if your dog runs far beyond your range. It is equipped with a unique pavlonian button which allows your dog to be stimulated with a tone and prevents the need for shocks. It also has a blunt stimulation which is less painful than most shock collars deliver and is efficient during emergencies. This collar is based on behavioral science involved in keeping your dog safe, it can be used for very small dogs. It however, is very expensive and would cost double in controlling more than one dog.


         This collar is known for its incredibly high signal that can power through obstacles. It has a range of ¾ of a mile, which is very good for hunting dogs and dogs that like running in large parks. It is affordable and very effective for up to three dogs at once. This collar has a feature of continuous shocking instead of a changeable volume of shock. The collar receiver is large, which is a disadvantage for hunting dogs moving through bush and discreetness.

         Training your dog using these collars gives you a sizeable amount of control over the actions of your dog and could even be used in saving the life of your dog, for dogs that love to run into traffic. Picking out the best collar suitable in your dog’s training is an important task to take in as  a dog trainer.

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