Top 5 Unique Dog Breeds that can make a great pet

Top 5 Unique Dog Breeds that can make a great pet

Top 5 unique dog breeds

I think all of you simply love dogs and want to have one as your pet friend. If you want to make one as your family member then you can find many breeds that almost everyone keeps in their house. But you can also try for unique dog breeds.

Dogs are man’s best friend I think everyone reading this article will surely agree with me. And trust me guys having a dog as your family member can surely help you to lower down your stress level and will help you to relax. While adopting one many of us choose for the same genre of dogs that are commonly known to us as that of the golden retriever, Labrador, spitz, German Sephard, etc. But do you know that there are several other dog breeds that are struggling for its place in this universe?

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Do you know that these dogs are gradually becoming extinct with gradual passing of years? Moreover, they can become a loving friend and an adorable family member of your home. So, if you are looking to adopt a furry little friend for your home then you can definitely check out for the below mentioned dog breeds for your family. I think they can become a wonderful friend.

Top 5 unique dog breeds for your home

unique dog breeds
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Check out these humble dog breeds.

i) Tibetian Mastiff

The very name of this dog breed forces me to say WOW. Indeed this dog breed is an adorable cute friend whom you can adopt. But remember readers they are not little rather they are quite big in size. They are kind-hearted and peace-loving in their nature. Their independent and vigilant nature makes them the best guardian dog.

ii) English Foxhound

These dogs are generally bred for hunting fox. These dogs have great stamina that makes them good watchdogs. But they can also mix with your family well.

iii) Bedlington Terrier

Well acknowledged for its wavy and pale-hued fleece coat, the Bedlington Terrier bears some comparability to a sheep. Be that as it may, this breed is substantially more athletic than it shows up, generally utilized for dashing and to get vermin. Its elegant form helps in speed and perseverance.

iv) The Otterhound

Otterhounds is an excellent dog breed that helps to make a great pet friend. Their looks can simply mesmerize you as they are very adorable and guess what they are also a wonderful hunter. And as the name says they are good swimmers as well and love to be in the water.

v) Chinook

The breed Chinook is a native of  New Hampshire. It is a drafting and sled-hound hustling breed, joining the intensity of a freighting hound and the speed of lighter dashing sled hounds.

vi) The Carolina Dog

The Carolina Dog really began as a wild and free meandering pooch. It was found in the Southeastern United States around the 1970s. They are also known as the American Dingo.

So, for which unique dog breed you want to settle? The entire above-mentioned dog breeds can become a loving friend and family member of yours.

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