Top 3 Wainwright’s Dog Food for new owner

Top 3 Wainwright’s Dog Food for new owner

Top 3 Free Wainwright’s Dog Food for new owner

wainwrights dog food

One of the largest pet stores in the UK is of course, Pets at Home.  Not only are they the most popular in the country, they also provide a variety of their own brand pet foods.  These are becoming more and more popular with consumers, especially dog owners, who are increasingly heading straight for Wainwrights Grain Free Dry Dog Food.  Wainwrights is the Best and also the Cheapest Wainwright’s Dog Food.  Wainwrights Dry Dog Food has changed the market for dry dog food in the UK and this has caused many other companies to try the same.  One stand out brand is the James Wellbeloved range.  In terms of the Cheapest Grain Free Dog Food, Wainwrights dry dog food stands out head and shoulders above all the others but the James Wainwright’s Dog Foodare trying to compete with similar recipe and branding.

#1 Wainwrights Dog Food

  • wainwrights dog foodWainwright’s dry dog food is the best grain free dog food as it is a nutritionally balanced dry food for your dog.
  • Its is Pets at Home biggest selling and exclusive dry dog food.  Wainwright’s Dry Dog Food recipes are proudly developed in the UK and are not like any other dry dog food.
  • Wainwright’s Dog Food Grain Free Dry Dog Food does not use any harmless ingredients that are known to cause allergies in dogs / puppies such as wheat or mixed meat proteins.
  • The grain free recipe contains all the Wainwrights Goodness and free from ALL grains including Wheat.  This quickly results in the best hypo-allergenic diet for your dog that is also delicious.
  • Please be aware that this is NOT suitable for puppies under 6 weeks old and when you introduce Wainwrights Grain Free Dry Dog Food for the first time, make sure you introduce gradually over a week or two.
  • You will start seeing the benefits of Wainwrights Grain Free Dry Dog Food after 3-8 weeks.  The health of your pet is important and Wainwrights have not missed this in any of there foods.
  • Wainwrights Grain Free Dry Dog Food is a very reasonably priced.  With all Grain Free foods, you would need to give just a little more than normal so you can get through these quicker, but when you take into consideration the health benefits of your dog, then your onto a winner.
  • Although not the cheapest of the best  grain free dog food for your wallet, overall it has excellent ingredients, plenty of meat, natural, hypoallergenic and above all else, is grain free.
  • Pets at home always have regular deals on Wainwrights Grain Free Dry Dog Food and these can also be found on the Pets At Home Website.

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#2 James Wellbeloved Dry Dog Foodwainwrights dog food

  • James Wellbeloved Grain Free Dog Food is produced to help dogs that suffer from digestive intolerance and food allergies.  Dogs with such problems suffered from skin irritations and loose digestion making it stressful for the dog and the owner.  James Wellbeloved researched the best ingredients that caused these problems and kept them out of the foods.
  • James Wellbeloved has continued to develop there best grain free dog food and expanded into dog treats, and other pet foods.  They are now one of the lead producers of dog foods and also one of the cheapest grain free dog food distributors around.  Based in Somerset UK, the James Wellbeloved range has continued to stick to their own heritage.  They have won many awards but always ensure they provide naturally healthy, great tasting food for all dogs.
  • James Wellbeloved complete dog foods specially selected wholesome ingredients make them naturally healthy, completely satisfying and very tasty for your dog.
  • With no beef or pork, no wheat or wheat gluten, no dairy products or egg our complete dog food is hypo-allergenic and free from many of the ingredients which are renowned for causing food intolerances.
  • Some users of the product have included warm water to intensify the flavour of the food but this is just  by choice as dry dog food should be just that, Dry!

#3 Harrington’s Dog Food Completewainwrights dog food

  • Harringtons Dry Dog Food products are supplied in a range of stores all over the world.  The Harringtons Product has generated from four generations of feed milling and animal food experience.  Harringtons have created a wide range of food and treats at a very affordable price for your dog.  All products are sourced locally within the UK and they aim to provide the best food and treats free of artificial additives.
  • Harringtons complete dog food provides a wholesome, nutritious meal for all dogs. With no added wheat, no diary, no soya and no artificial colours or artificial flavours.   With all natural ingredients, and no wheat, this product is the number one best seller on Amazon and quickly heading towards becoming the best and cheapest grain free dog food on the market.
  • Most importantly, the price of this product is far cheaper than the previous two which clearly shows why its the biggest seller.  With some amazing feedback and great reviews, this product will quickly become the number one best and cheapest grain free dog food (maybe in 2018)

What Food Should I Buy? Wet Food or Dry Food?

Wainwright’s Dog Food come, mainly, in three different packages.  Wainwright’s Dog Food generally is stored in a paper bag, Wet Food is in a tin can and Semi Moist food is in a plastic bag. As each of the dog foods are different they all have their positives and negatives (pros and cons).

  • Protein for your dog is something you should always look for in your dog food.  Wainwright’s Dog Food Wet Dog Food however is generally full of water, which means, that less of your money on wet food is going towards the right protein for your dog.  The other downside to wet food is the dental hygiene for your dog, and unfortunately there isn’t any.  Dogs generally love canned food but over time can have dental problems costing you more money in the long run.
  • The Cheapest Grain Free Dog Food more often than not has the highest amount of protein making this best choice of dog food. Dry foods are much simpler to store.  Dry Foods also provide a great level of dental improvements as they hard kibble tends to scrape off the plaque.
  • Semi Moist foods aren’t that popular anymore and these have generally been replaced by Wet Foods.

TIP:  Most Dog owners will mix wet food with dry food, doubling the taste and mixing the best of both worlds.  We do this with Ralph and he looks like he absolutely loves the crunchiness of the dry mix, whilst the gravy and wet meat mixes. Before doing this though, check the two are compatible as this can cause problems later in your pups life.


Key Things to Look Out For When Buying The Cheapest Grain Free Dog Food?

There are several things to look out for when buying your dog foods.  See below the main priorities and characteristics to look out for;

  • E NUMBERS / Artificial Colours & Preservatives;  It is a well known fact that a lot of dog foods can have these preservatives causing your dog to either be hypo or poorly.  Check the labels and generally aim for the fewer ingredients, the better.
  • Protein; When looking for your food, check to see if protein is the number one ingredient. Also, Meat should be the largest portion of the dogs diet.
  • Price; As with any product you buy, dog food is no exception.  The more you pay the better the quality.  Cheaper dog foods use cheaper meats and proteins and generally plenty of preservatives.  These can, in time, cause problems in your dog and pup.  Spend a little extra, it will be worth it in the end.

Storing Your Dry Dog Food

Finally, Wainwright’s Dog Food if you are purchasing your dry dog food in large bags, you need a great place to store it.  A cupboard/ cool dry place is great but what about a fancy Storage Container?

Make sure they are airtight and large enough to house as much dry food as possible, but not too large so that you cant put them in a safe place.

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