What kind of dog should I get and why?

What kind of dog should I get and why?

It’s not easy to choose a dog, there are more than 800 breeds! I wish I could adopt one of each breed, doesn’t this happen to you?

In my case I can’t and I think that most of you can’t either so you are breaking your head trying to choose a dog. If this is what you feel let me tell you that there are somethings to consider before you get to know what kind of dog you should get.

I’ll make this easier to you, we will be seeing what your circumstances are and discarding some kind of dogs, so you will have less options or find the perfect one for you. Ready to know it?


The choice between adopting a puppy or an adult dog will be marked by the place where we live, our lifestyle, the free time we have and our experience with dogs.

The main advantage of adopting a puppy is that you can watch it grow and adapt its behavior to your way of being and living. You will follow its development day by day and you will be able to correct any bad habit it may have.

Puppies learn quickly but during the first months of life you must be very aware of them. They do their necessities where they want and they bite everything. That’s why they require special attention to shape their behavior and character. This requires the owner two things: a lot of time and patience. And not everyone has, above all, time.

Adopting an adult dog means, above all, giving a new opportunity to an animal that has been abandoned and wants to return to have a home where to receive human affection. Dogs that have gone through this traumatic experience know how to thank and soon establish a close relationship with its new partner.

If you do not have much free time and you don’t know so many things about dogs, it is the best option. You will have at the moment of the adoption a dog with its definitive size, well trained and with the character already developed.

The main disadvantages of adopting an adult dog is that we do not know its past and problems may appear, problems that should be modified or corrected as well as fears that will need rehabilitation.

The learning of an adult dog is slower than a puppy’s, so you may need a little more time to teach appropriate or new behavior patterns.


Small dogs are more active and they need you to take them out for a walk more often than usual. A large dog that is not very active can live perfectly in a house not so big.

If you are a person who travels a lot and you want to be accompanied by your pet, it will be better to adopt a small dog easy to carry inside a carrier.


If you have children at home you will have to adopt a dog with a calm temperament that is not dominant, to avoid jealousy when children take their toys; nor territorial to let kids approach.

It must be a patient dog, who likes to play. The breeds that most meet these characteristics are the Labrador, the Boxer, the Golden Retriever, the Collie or the Spanish Greyhound, if you want to have a big dog. If you prefer a small dog, Beagle, Schnauzer or Carlino are the ones that best adapt to children.


A dog can be an ideal company because they help you make some exercise when you take them out for a walk, they can be trained to do small tasks such as picking up an object that has fallen on the floor or pressing a button.

They should be mature (four years old or more), of medium size, calm and affectionate, and that do not need to walk a lot. If you want a dog breed with these characteristics you can adopt a Sussex spaniel, an English toy spaniel, a bulldog or a Yorkshire terrier.


If you are looking for a dog with lots of energy to make physical exercise with you, some breeds you will enjoy a lot are the Labrador or Golden retriever, the English setter, Breton, Weimar braco, Viszla, Siberian husky, Basenji or Akita. They are hunting dog breeds, used to do hard work because of their great resistance.

I hope that you know now what kind of dog is convenient for you, but if you’re not sure yet of which breed you have to choose I leave you the link to Dog breed selector by Purina, so that you know exactly the dog you will adopt.   

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