Top 5 Worlds ugliest dog Wallpaper 2018

Top 5 Worlds ugliest dog Wallpaper 2018

Top 5 Worlds ugliest dog Wallpaper 2018

Dogs generally come from across the United States but are welcome to enter from around the world. In contrast to conformation shows  mutts are allowed to participate, and contestants are not judged against any breed specification.Dog owners must provide documentation of veterinarian checks to determine the competing animal is healthy. Humane Society to educate the public about animals and to provide opportunities to adopt rescue dogs. The fair issues a photo of the winner, a press release summing up the contest, and YouTube video within hours of the contest conclusion. Contestants for each new year are featured on the website before the contest as well in the Worlds Ugliest Dog Voting Gallery.

#1 ZSA ZSA worlds ugliest dog Wallpaper (2018)


  • Zsa Zsa’s wide stance, teeth-exposing underbite and tongue that hangs almost to the ground helped her beat 13 other pups and win $1,500, a supersized trophy and a trip to New York City for media appearances during the 2018 Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California. The Minnesota-based English bulldog was a rescue, plucked from a puppy mill and found by owner Megan Brainard


#2 MARTHA worlds ugliest dog Wallpaper (2017)

MARTHA (2017)

  • Gentle and “gassy” Neapolitan Mastiff Martha (who weighs 125 lbs.) took home the top prize in 2017, where she apparently won over judges by flopping on the stage during her presentation.


#3 SWEEPEE RAMBO ugliest dog Wallpaper (2016)

worlds ugliest dog

  • After placing second in 2015, the 17-year-old Chinese crested — who, sadly, passed away in October 2016 —  finally took the top prize with a milky right eye, big ears and that tongue


#4 QUASI MODO ugliest dog Wallpaper (2015)

worlds ugliest dog
  • The hunchback 10-year-old pit bull-Dutch shepherd mix was Ugly Dog perfection that year, beating out 26 other pups and landing a makeover 


#5 PEANUT ugliest dog Wallpaper (2014)

  • The 2-year-old mutt’s owner hoped the pup, a burn survivor, would bring awareness to an important cause with his win. “We’re trying to use him as a poster child for what can happen to animals who are abused,”

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